Meet Delaine


54 Years Old

Realtor/Life Insurance Sales

Married/Grandfather of six

"I want to live longer and get to enjoy my kids and my six grandchildren as they grow up. I want to be able to walk up and down stairs without worrying if I'm going to fall again because I can't keep my balance. I want to prove that I can still achieve things as I get older. I need help to achieve this."
Delaine has experience weight loss success in the past – he dropped one hundred pounds over the course of a few years working out on his own. Then he broke his neck in a car wreck and wasn't able to continue his workout routine. Delaine will be learning new exercises that he can do in ways that won't re injure his neck.

Delaine's main goal is to lose weight and be healthier to set an example for others that have let themselves go for whatever reason.

Update January, 2012

I weighed this morning for the two month weigh in and I've lost 19 pounds and between 12-15 inches.  I have been able to tighten my belt buckle up a couple of notches and I now am starting to be able to tell a difference in my clothes.  I feel great and have a long ways to go but hopefully I can duplicate this loss over the next two months.

Update May 1, 2012

Delaine joined this program to prove that anyone can still accomplish things when they get older. Delaine has accomplished a lot of things to help him live a healthier life! He has dropped 30 pounds and  took 22 years off his body age. He has lowered his blood pressure and increased his strength by 46.3 pounds! Great job Delaine!!!