Meet Chad

35 years Old
Law Enforcement/Teacher

"I am spending and eating my way into an early grave. I am an instructor and I teach a lot of incoming rookies, not only for JPD, but also at Black River Tech. I think that when I pull this "shape-up" off then I can inspire more of them to stay in shape during their career as well."

Chad grew up playing sports but has struggled with weight after entering the professional workforce. He wants to learn about selecting and preparing healthy foods and wants to stop making excuses. He feels he is always about to start a routine and needs a little push from us to actually get going with this new lifestyle.

Chad plans to celebrate with some new clothes that don't look like he is wearing a curtain!

January, 2012 Update

This has been awesome.

Although I am currently fighting pneumonia I hope to kick it within the week and get back after it.

Just before my sickness we were just about to step up progress and move up a notch.

Update May 1, 2102

Chad is a 35 year old law enforcement officer and teacher – and as recently announced, the new Police Chief of Trumann.  Chad joined the program to inspire the incoming rookies to live healthier lives. Hopefully Chad has inspired many of you along the way too! Chad has decreased his body age by 29 years! He keeps having to take in that gun belt – so far he's lost 13.5 total inches and over 39.4 pounds! Chad joined the HMR program and has used that to learn new ways to eat and stay ahead of his hunger. Way to go CHAD!!!