Meet Suzanne

52 years Old
Math Facilitator

"I love my life…I just want my weight under control and a chance to perhaps be medicine free again with a new healthy lifestyle." Suzanne experienced several life changing events over the last several years and before she knew it, she had gained 40 pounds.

Suzanne wants to inspire her daughter to adopt the same healthy new habits she is going to learn plus she wants to inspire her students to do the same.

Suzanne wants to be a strong independent woman so she can be a better mom and teacher.

She wants to celebrate with a big reveal for her family and friends. With her healthy new body and refreshed spirit she is showing herself that 50 is not the beginning of the end – it is the start of the best years!

Update November, 2011

I absolutely love the facilities!!!  I have only missed one day going to the Institute since my assessment!!  BUT, I am so ready to get a trainer and get started!! Thanks for this FABULOUS opportunity!!!

Update May 1, 2012

Suzanne is a 52 year old teacher. Suzanne began this program so she could  learn to keep her weight under control and to perhaps be medicine free with a new healthy lifestyle. Suzanne's body age is 40 years younger and she has lost 19.5 inches and 28 pounds. She has lowered her diabetes risk and has less stress. Way to go Suzanne!!!