Meet Bentley

32 Years Old
Cafeteria Worker
Married/Mom of Three

"I want to be active with my kids, run a 5K, buy a pair of red heels and size 11 jeans and be able to look at myself in the mirror. I want to go to a restaurant and be able to sit in a booth. I want to buy clothes that are not plus sizes and wear something elegant and stylish."

Bentley is trying to learn to cook healthier and make healthy changes but she struggles because the food just doesn't taste as good. She has also always been really concerned with not knowing the proper way to exercise and use exercise equipment. As most busy moms, she can't afford time off due to an injury – especially an injury she caused for herself.

Bentley's motivation is to be there for her children and for their children. She would love to coach her daughter's soccer team next year without running out of breath.

Update May 1, 2012

Bentley is a 32 year old cafeteria worker and mom of three. Bentley joined the Shape Up Showdown because she wanted to become more active, run a 5K and wear some red stilettos! Bentley made great progress during the program but unfortunately suffered a back injury while playing in the yard with her children. Bentley has lost 18 pounds, gained strength and has completed her first 5K! She has also taken 17 years off her body age! Her active, healthy lifestyle change is helping her as she recovers from the injury and has kept her from having to have surgery on her back. Bentley we know we'll see you in those red stilettos very soon!