Meet Rebecca

35 Years Old

"Over the years I have continually put the needs of my students, my coworkers, my friends and family, etc. before me until, I guess somewhere along the way, I just disappeared. I never take time to take care of me – physically or mentally, and it has finally caught up with me."

"I want to be able to teach all day without having to sit down one time. I want to come home at 5:00, not absolutely exhausted. I want to lose a realistic amount of weight and inches so that I am comfortable in my own skin again.

As a busy teacher, Rebecca tends to eat out a lot. She is looking for healthy options that fit in to her already hectic life. Rebecca wants to motivate others to get healthy and is counting on the support of her students to hold her accountable during this process.

To celebrate her healthy new life, Rebecca wants to RUN the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in 2012.

Update November, 2011

How's it going?  Most everything is going ok--a few snags here and there, but overall, pretty good.  I have good days and semi-good days, but no bad days so far.  I think that you'll understand.

Are you working out?  I've been working out 5 days a week for the past 2 weeks.  I LOVE Zumba!!  It is so much fun that I don't feel as though I am exercising.  (However, I smell like I'm exercising--I'm dripping when I leave the class.)  I also really liked Cardio Sculpt, but I think I need to be in a little better shape to reap the most benefits from the class.  I had my initial meeting with my trainer last week, and we are starting TODAY!!!  I'm scared and excited all at the same time.

Have you made any changes in your diet?  This has been one of the hardest parts for me, but I am adjusting.  I went back to Weight Watchers just to get a plan, something tangible I could wrap my head around to begin getting my eating under control.  For me, it's all about the portion size.  I eat fairly well--I just eat way too much, especially at night.  However, since I workout in the evenings, that has really controlled how much I eat at night.  AND, here's the big one, I'm not eating out nearly as much.  I have started making healthier choices at restaurants when my friends want to go out, and most restaurants have healthy options, which are pretty easy to find on their websites.  I will say that many of the restaurants in Jonesboro are very accommodating to fixing the food the way I want it prepared instead of just the usual way.

What results have you seen so far?  I haven't seen a lot of results that would show up in the mirror, but I am sleeping like a baby!!  That is huge for me.  Usually I carry so much stress from my job (teaching), that I start sleeping less and less and wake up more and more often.  It usually peaks in April when testing hits.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to sleep better this year.  :)

What's been your biggest challenge so far?  TIME!!!!  I'm way too overcommitted.  I make going to the gym one of my top priorities, so a lot of other things have had to slide. (I think the EPA might have condemned the inside of my house if they had seen it before I spent hours working on cleaning it up yesterday.  I'm still not done!!)  I run an after school book club 4 days a week, but I'm going to have to cut down to 2 days after the first of the year.  I just can't get everything done, so there has to be some compromise.  We'll see if I can let some things go, control freak that I am . . .

Update January, 2012

My progress is coming along at a (slow but) steady pace.  (I don't know if any pace, no matter how much it was, would feel like enough for me, but I am grateful that the scale is moving downward.)  As of the first of the year, I had lost just over 15 pounds.  Yay!!

My training sessions are GREAT!!  Drew is a great trainer that keeps me laughing and motivated throughout our sessions, even if he is a "task master".  I hurt my knee the day after Christmas, but it has steadily been getting better.  Drew was great to modify my workouts so that I could keep going with strength training and cardio without aggravating the injury.  Besides the 3 days that I work out with him, I also go to the gym 2 more days a week.  Zumba is my favorite, but since the knee injury the elliptical and the pool have become my best friends.  :)

I really enjoyed getting together with the whole group centered around a healthy lifestyle idea.  It was good to see the people that attended.  I would love it if we could get together more often, even if it was just to share what's going on with each one of us.  I'm sure that we could all learn something from one another's struggles and successes, and sometimes just "venting" frustrations makes all the difference in the world.

I've had so many little moments of success that have meant so much that have kept me going throughout this process.  I have dropped a full clothes size, plus a little.  People at work (and even my students) have made supportive comments that they can tell that I have lost weight.  One of the girls as work has started bringing her (healthy) lunch to school because she said I inspired her to start taking better care of herself.  :)

One of the coolest things happened to me right after the last piece aired on KAIT with Linde and me.  I was shopping at the mall (for new exercise clothes b/c mine were too big--yay), and a lady I didn't know approached me.  She asked if I was the girl she had seen on TV the night before.  I told her I was.  She told me that she was so proud for me that I got this opportunity and so proud of me that I was doing so well and that she wanted me to keep it up.  She told me I looked great, smiled, and walked away.  How amazing is that?  It totally made my day, week, month that a total stranger would go out of her way to do that for me.

I hope to be able to tell you soon that I have broken the 20 pound mark and have dropped another size!!  Talk to you soon!!


Update May 1, 2012

Rebecca is a 35 year old teacher. She was ready to start a long term program to lose a realistic amount of weight and inches so that she is comfortable in her own skin again. In addition to the Shape Up Showdown, Rebecca joined Weight Watchers to help her learn new eating habits. Rebecca has been one of the most dedicated participants – sometimes at the gym two or three times a day. She is full of energy and makes friends wherever she goes. Rebecca has dropped 24 years off her body age and has increased her strength and flexibility. She has lost 25 inches and… get this… has lost 58 POUNDS! Let's hear it for Rebecca!!!