Meet Roger

56 Years Old

"My weight has been a problem for me all my live even as a small child and has continued into my adult years. My motivation would also be a wife, married 36 years, that would be willing to work out along side me to achieve a healthy life for our future."

Roger is looking toward his long term health and is ready to make some changes. He needs education and wants to begin a consistent exercise program. He knows how easy it is to stay the same and he is looking for external motivation to stay committed to this program.

Roger wants to show everyone that you are never too large and you are never too old, you are just one step away from improving your lifestyle.

Update November, 2011

I went in this past Wednesday and met with Spencer and Cody to begin the workout schedule. I have been walking and seeing some results, but will begin this Monday, Nov. 21st with my full workout. Even with Thanksgiving on Thursday I am going to be determined with this. I'm still very much excited and looking forward to results to begin!!

Update January, 2012

It is past the one third point on the program and things have progressed. Although I have not lost the weight I should have, I have lost some and I find the change of my lifestyle to be a challenge. My trainer, Cody is a great support and motivator as I meet with him on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Changing ones lifestyle is difficult enough, but is made easier when there is someone there other than friends and family encouraging all the way.
I do some exercises around the home that Cody has suggested that include some everyday activities to increase my progress. I have enjoyed two of our sessions on nutrition and the cooking class. We often take for granted our diet until someone opens our eyes to the true facts behind our food intake. Just changing a few of the things we do everyday will make a big difference in the long term progress to change our lifestyle and succeed in a healthier person!

Update May 2, 2012

Roger began this program because has struggled with weight his whole life and was ready to make the sacrifices to live a healthier life. Sacrifice he has! Roger has lost pounds, lowered his blood pressure, lowered his overall stress and lowered his heart disease risk! He also increased his nutritional habits, increased strength and improved his crunch reps!  Way to go Roger!!!