Royalty visits one Region 8 school

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 students were visited by royalty on Friday as Miss Arkansas, Kristin Glover and her princess, Riley Stevens, stopped in at University Heights Elementary for an important lesson.

"They've come to talk to our Kindergarten, first and second graders about choices and making good choices, " Principal Cathelene Arnold said. "Kristin is also going to talk to the kids a little about her job as Miss Arkansas and what all that entails."

Principal Arnold says it's wonderful to have someone of Miss Arkansas caliber come and visit one on one with the children. "To her to come and talk and talk about making good choices, she is a great role model for them and talking about how they can make choices in their life and help them, it's really important to them. And I think they really listen when it's someone they look up to."

Arnold says the students were elated when they heard who was coming. "At first we just told them it was a surprise guest and we didn't let them know," Arnold said. "When we did finally tell them it was Miss Arkansas and Riley they were thrilled. Riley is really cool for them because she's closer to their age and she's going to tell them how they can be princesses to Miss Arkansas. This is very exciting for them."

Arnold says she can't stress enough how important it is for schools to have individuals outside the school come and speak to students.

"It's really important for the kids to hear from someone who is a role model to them about positive things. You know we hear a lot of negative things but it's really good for them to hear from someone they look up to and respect and how to make good choices and how to make a difference in their life."

Miss Arkansas and Riley spoke to four hundred and fifty children during their visit. Miss Arkansas will be competing for Miss America in Las Vegas in January.

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