Local Cattle farmers worried about Mad Cow Disease

Local cattle farmers are worried one case of Mad Cow Disease could take a big bite out of the 3.5 billion dollar beef industry.  Farmers brought up Canada when talking about what the United States can expect in the near future.

Last May one cow tested positive for the brain deteriorating disease.  Nations across the globe quickly moved to ban the sales of most beef products coming out of the country.  Currently the United Statess is already seeing a fallout from the confirmed test.  Several nations including America's three biggest importers of beef; Japan, Mexico, and N. Korea have already imposed sanctions and bans on American beef imports.

Locally, the western portion of region eight including Stone county could be the hardest hit by the disease.  Stone depends on Cattle heavily for their local economy.

If there is any good news from this it could be that beef prices are already at an all time high, with several farmers saying prices are nearly a dollar over the normal average.  They credit the Atkins diet and sanctions on Canadien beef products for helping push prices well over a dollar a pound.