Clark Kicks off Southern Tour

Monday December 29, 2003 -- Posted at 9:55 p.m. CD

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Democratic Presidential candidate Wesley Clark launched a southern tour today, saying his message will resonate with voters in the region. The candidate left Little Rock for a two-day, eight-state, 10-city trip.

Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas said the ex-general's military record would enable Clark to have a chance to win in the south. Clark said he has deep roots here living, thinking and eating like a southerner.

The candidate had to interrupt his prepared remarks briefly when an 11-year-old girl passed out on stage from an apparent seizure. The girl's relatives said it can happen when the girl gets overheated. Bright television lights were on at Clark's appearance at central flying service at the Little Rock airport. When Clark returned to the lectern after the young girl was taken away by ambulance attendants, he said, ``the nation has to pay greater attention to health care.''