Mysterious Santa Drops Off Gifts At Wrong House

December 31, 2003 -- Posted at 5:24 p.m. CST

BLYTHEVILLE --A Blytheville firefighter and his wife received three bags full of toys just before the holidays.  Doug Brown says he thankful for the gesture...only he know it's not for him.  His wife was at home when she heard the doorbell ring, when she opened the door she found bags full of toys.

"Some of them were already wrapped with names on them, and some of them were just taken from the store. Since we don't have any kids or know any kids with the names that are on the presents, we just assumed someone either dropped them off thinking it was someones house and got the wrong house, or maybe it was a donation to someone, we have no clues," says Brown, mystified.

The gifts have now made their way to the Blytheville Police Department where police officials here say they are just waiting to give some children a belated Christmas.

Captain Marvin Crawford of the Blytheville Police Department says they've been housing the gifts.

"We've since had them here available for the responsible parties and the owners and we'd like to get them back to them, especially children," said Cpt. Crawford.

Brown wonders if the generous drive-by giver may have gotten the wrong address...but not even the Brown's neighbors have children with the names that match the ones on the tags.

"I would kinda like to know who dropped them off and if they did, I can assume one of two things, either someone dropped them off at the wrong house thinking they should go to people who live there or that they was making some kind of donation. But they was too anonymous," laughs Brown, "I have no idea what the donation was for or where it was supposed to go, but it's going to find a good home."

Police officals worry that the children the gifts were intended for may have missed a visit from santa.

"I'm afraid they may have, but if we can get it to them, maybe it will surfice for the difference in time," said Cpt. Crawford.

If you have any information regarding these mysterious presents, please contact the Blytheville Police Department at (870) 763-4411.

If the gifts are not claimed, they will be returned to Brown, who says he plans to donate them to his firehouse's "Toys for Tots" program.