New Year's Resolutions

January 2, 2004 — Posted at 6:02 pm

JONESBORO — So you've decided to kick the habit again, or maybe you've made a pledge to battle the bulge? These are all worthwhile resolutions, but you've probably attempted them over and over again. This year why not try finding some spirituality?

"The bible is usually a very strong teacher for our lives," said Pastor Doug Welborn of Cathedral Baptist Church in Jonesboro. "This is a great time to say, o.k. I'm going to read the bible through this year."

Pastor Welborn says finding God can often times help you find the strength to overcome other shortcomings in your life.

"If you would stay positive and stay quick to forgive and I'm going to get back up and go again, then that just leaks strength into other areas of your life." said Welborn

But don't get discouraged. Pastor Welborn says growing closer to God is not always an easy thing to do alone.

"Find people who have made new resolutions in their lives. Read good biographies about individuals who will tell you this is who I was, this is who I am now, and it started right here," said Welborn

So you've decided to become more spiritual, how about putting that faith into action?

Captain John Swyers with the Salvation Army says volunteering allows you to give back.

"Life isn't about what you accept or take from other people, but what you give," said Swyers.

The Salvation Army is a Church that helps people. It's one of several organizations in the area committed to helping those in need, and they say they can always use some extra help.

"If you've ever tried picking up a teenager's room, multiply that by about 300 and you sort of get an idea of what we have here," said Swyers.

And even though the work seems like no easy task, the outcome makes it worth it.

"If you believe that you're here for a reason, then volunteering is way for you to fulfill that reason," said Swyers.