Annual December Crime Hike has police working extra

Every year Region 8 law enforcement plan on property crimes to spike during the holiday season.  This year was no different.  Lietenant Rick Elliott says crime did spike over the holiday season.  He also added some good news...crime seemed to be down from just a year ago.

Elliot gave several examples of recent unusual criminal activities and added the Jonesboro police department as well as others were actively working the cases.  One recent case involved two Family Dollar stores burglarized on the same night.

He says the main thing police deal with over the holiday season is shoplifting.  Saying businesses like area Wal-Marts are frequently targetted...even though they have a high rate of catching shoplifters.

Even though weapons are not used in burglaries the penalty can still be fairly steep.  Penalties range from four figure fines for shoplifting to more than ten years in a state penatentiary for burglary.  Possibly making the start of the new year an expensive one for anyone caught.