Stinky Situation in Greene County

January 5, 2004 -- Posted at 6:27 p.m. CST

GREENE COUNTY--Rural Greene County residents have a new trash collector for 2004, but Kelly Perry says her situation stinks. She couldn't figure out why Waste Corporation of Arkansas was no longer picking up her trash, until she gave them a call.

"They said mam, do you live in Greene County? And I said yes, and she said we no longer service Greene County no more. I'm like ok, what do we do about our trash situation?" said Perry, "You know, here we have no trash can, their not picking up our trash and didn't care to notify us."

But Perry hasn't had her trash picked up since Thanksgiving. So she called the Greene County Judge, and found out...

"WCA, they already had a contract through Greene County and I believe it was back in August they decided they were not going to renew their contract with Greene County for the upcoming year," said Tony Bailey, the Public Works Coordinator.

"Up until then, you know, we had no knowledge of why they were not picking our trash up," said Perry.

Bailey said the complaints were coming in.

"Customer complaints were that they were not picking up their trash on time when they were scheduled to be picked up."

Perry agrees that the trash pickup was pretty irregular...she had first hand experience.

"Once maybe every two weeks and our services was on Monday, and we'd be lucky if it got picked up the following Monday."

The county accepted bids, and the new job went to Shelton Sanitation, based out of Rector in Clay County.

But WCA's legal counsel advised the company not to share a list of customers with Shelton Sanitation...leaving about 2500 folks not knowing what was going on.

Bailey said, "Hopefully this new service will be a better thing for the community."

"But I mean, this is just awful," said Perry looking over her backyard, pilled with garbage bags.

Perry is still waiting for her trash to be picked up but says it shouldn't be long with the new company.

"I'm looking at probably another week and a half to two weeks before my trash gets picked up. To where as, if we knew this before we could have done made arrangements and wouldn't have had all this situation that is going on now," said Perry.

If you are a rural Greene County resident and have questions about your service you can call Shelton Sanitation at (870) 236-1253 or (870) 595-1253.