Elementary students get a spooky history lesson

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-On Wednesday a group of Region 8 elementary students got a ghostly history lesson.

Amanda Driver, the education coordinator for the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, spoke to students about certain historic preservation sites that were also rumored to be haunted.

Social Studies teacher Kim Kelton says Driver's visit came at just the right time.

"Not only because it's Halloween and fun for the students," she said. "We just completed a unit on the Civil War and so they're learning a lot more than just about the haunting. It's a review of what all they've learned during the year about the Civil War and how it affected Arkansas."

Driver explored ghost stories and folklore associated with certain Arkansas buildings and sites.

Students also learned how the state of Arkansas was affected by the Civil War and historical battles, making the presentation entertaining and educational.

Sixth grader Cade Hill says it was a lot of fun, "I think it's pretty cool, " Cade said. "Because you get the opportunity to learn about history and I think the most interesting part is this place could or could not be haunted and you just have to try to find out for yourself."

Teacher Steve Brown says it's also a good learning lesson for the kids.

"They get to see some pictures of historical sites that are being preserved in our state and also got told about some of the haunted things going on at these historical sites. This hopefully teaches our children to want to preserve things for their prosperity. Things that happened long ago, they're learning about. And maybe they'll realize that one of these days someone is going to be thinking about them."

Kelton says this is the third year they've asked someone to come and speak to their students and they've not seen the same thing twice.

"Every time they've come they've found different locations to concentrate on. So, she's pulled out a number of things zeroing in on the Civil War."

Sixth grader Sydney Adams enjoyed listening to Driver and thinks other schools should request the program for their students.

"It's really interesting, " Sydney remarked. "The fact that we can learn the history about places in Arkansas. It would be a really good opportunity for other students. You know, to get more into history."

"The kids just have a great time, " Kelton said. "You can see their little hands ready to shoot up and ask a question."

For more information, you can call Amanda Driver at (501) 324-9880 or log onto their website.

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