Cody Gentry may not be able to return to police force

Officer Cody Gentry (Source: Blytheville Police Dept.)
Officer Cody Gentry (Source: Blytheville Police Dept.)

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The Blytheville Police Officer injured last January after responding to a false police report, may never wear the uniform again. This past Monday, Officer Cody Gentry received word from the Arkansas Workman's Comp Commission that returning to the police force was unlikely.

"It was just heartbreaking. It was just like my heart sank in my stomach," said Blytheville Police Officer Cody Gentry.

He says it was a tough blow. Gentry's not sure what exactly lead to the decision, but can only assume it had to do with the neuro-physiological testing done six months after his injury.

"I was low level, which of course I'm going to score low, but now I'd have to take it again," said Gentry.

He has since gone through intense therapy, and has made huge strides. Ever since his injury, getting back into uniform was one of his driving forces in recovery.

"I'm a police officer through and through. I bleed blue. I swear it means everything to me," said Gentry.

The man who reported the false robbery, Chris Wamble, was arrested in February and later told police he was trying to defraud his insurance company. And while Wamble has taken so much from Gentry, he forgives him.

"I'm moving forward, trying to. He didn't call the station just to get officer Gentry hurt. So no grudges," said Gentry.

Gentry says he'll do whatever he can to be able to wear the uniform again and has a lot of people in his corner pushing for the same. "I had some influential members of the community who called everybody from workman's comp to the doctors and complained," said Gentry.

Yesterday, he says the situation was brought back to the table. His future is now up in the air, but hopes to one day be able to once again wear the badge. "I hope to be back out there in that car protecting and serving," said Gentry.

Gentry says he's not giving up hope. When we asked gentry what's next if he's denied again, he said he'll cross that bridge once he comes to it.

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