Grant writing class to help Arkansans

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Representatives from a state organization are hitting the road to keep Arkansans informed. Members of the Grants Division of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission are holding a series of grant workshops in different areas across the state.

Representatives from four state agencies made the trip to help inform the public of what grants are available in the organization they work for. "These meetings are open to the public," Grant Coordinator for the Rural Services Department, Beth Dennis, said. "Usually the people that attend these meetings are mayors, county judges, and members of the public. Our grants are open for both counties and cities to apply for."

Dennis said they began holding these meetings to try and make sure everyone was on the same page. Too often than not, Dennis says people are unaware of what options are out there. "We try to make sure that everybody knows what grants are available," Dennis commented. "A lot of times we get phone calls from people who have a great project and are eligible, but weren't aware early enough and when they call it's too late to apply."

Dennis says it's for that very reason they work so hard to make sure people know what's out there. "Awareness is our biggest thing. Just to make sure that all the information is out there so they can apply for the grants."

Presentations were given by members of the AEDC, Arkansas Department of Rural Services, Arkansas Natural Resource Commission and the Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Community Program. Dennis says the worst thing that can happen is for community leaders and local residents to be uninformed.

Dennis says members of the Rural Services Department want to help Arkansans get the monetary assistance they need to help make their local towns better. "All of our agencies love to hear from the communities. So, give us a call. I know the Department of Rural Services takes phone calls all day long. The other agencies are similar."

Dennis says if anyone has any questions about the organizations, the grants available or grant process to just call their office. Dennis says they hold a series of annual meetings.

For more information about the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, you can call or log onto their website.

For additional information of the Rural Services Department, log onto this site.

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