Shape Up Showdown 2012-2013

Weight loss is always a hot topic of conversation. Fad diets, super machines that do the work for you -- we've seen it all the past few years!

KAIT and the St. Bernards Health & Wellness Institute have partnered for the Shape Up Showdown. This is not a weight loss contest - this is a lifestyle transformation for eight lucky participants.

We reached out to our viewers and were overwhelmed with entries – hundreds in just a couple of weeks! Our committee read through the entries and conducted interviews on the road to selecting the eight participants you can learn about below.

Each person has been down a different road to get here today, but they all have the same goal – to lead a healthier life. The Shape Up Showdown will work with them individually over the next SIX MONTHS to lose weight, learn healthy cooking tips and manage their medical conditions. Here's the catch – we all get to watch! We will chronicle the progress on Good Morning Region 8 and so we can all help support our eight lucky neighbors who are receiving this chance of a lifetime!