A Region 8 Small School Fights to Stay Alive

January 7, 2004 — Posted at 1:11 P.M.

BIGGERS, AR — Like many Region 8 small schools, Biggers-Reyno High School calls itself a tight knit community of 225 students, and they're proud of their accomplishments. This past year the 4th grade class scored 100% on the benchmark exam.

Biggers-Reyno School Principal Ralph Morrow says they're doing the right thing.

"We believe that right is on our side and we believe in the end right will prevail," said Morrow.

The faculty and students at Biggers-Reyno call themselves fighters. Yesterday after the House Education Committee passed the consolidation bill, the school's principal got all the students together to break the news.

"They asked a lot of questions at the end to get things straight in their mind. I told them it wasn't over," said Morrow.

Graduating senior Tiffany Hill comes from a family of Biggers-Reyno graduates. Her sister is in the 6th grade.

"We were talking about it last night actually, and she said she was hoping we could keep the school because most of our family graduated from here and she wanted to be able to stay in the tradition," said Hill.

Despite the what-if scenarios of what might happen, the Biggers-Reyno community says they certainly are not calling themselves emotional at this time.

"I just hope the legislators understand that the education we're getting now some day some of these kids might fill their shoes," said Hill.