How celebrating Halloween has changed

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- The way we celebrate Halloween has changed a bit over the years. There are the popular neighborhoods that fill-up with hundreds of kids each year and churches are even opening their doors to provide other ways to celebrate.

Monday night was all about treats and things that go bump in the night. Cari Gulley lives in the Wood Springs Estates sub-division, which is a Halloween hot spot.

"Everyone from everywhere comes here. Hundreds (of kids). There will be kids lined up all the way down the street. People will just park and parade their kids around. There will be hay rides coming through. It will be crazy," said Gulley.

Among those in the mix was Mike Corder and his daughter Nicole, who drove down from Bono. "We've been coming out here. Our son's 20. We've been coming out here for 18 years. It seems safer, you know," said Corder.

At six o'clock on the dot, kids threw on their costumes and hit the neighborhood to get there hands on as much candy as humanly possible. "I spent $150.00 on candy. We usually have to go back two or three times so that's why we upped it this year," said Gulley.

Over at Walnut Street Baptist Church, hundreds of kids, with the same idea, made the rounds from trunk to trunk. The church started "Treats From the Trunk" to give families another alternative.

"To offer something that was a safe, secure, fun atmosphere for "Halloween" and kind of spread the good news," said Ellen Deaton, who is the Children's Director at the church.

Deaton says Halloween has evolved since she was a child. "There's so much evil in this world and it seems so much more prevalent than back even when I was young. So we try to do something that's not a scary. Not as much evil," said Deaton.

She says more and more churches are putting their own spin on the holiday. But whether you're celebrating with your church, or hitting up the popular neighborhood, there are some things that never change...plenty of candy and a lot of fun.

"Oh it's a blast to see the kids and their smiling little faces when you give them the candy. We have as much fun as the little kids do," said Gulley.

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