Exploring Haunted Jonesboro

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, ARKANSAS (KAIT) --It's traditional on Halloween night to share ghost stories. But what if those ghost stories are about places that you travel through or by everyday?

The area around Jonesobro abounds with ghostly locations and stories of specters that walk at night.

Are they real or just figments of imagination designed to entertain or frighten?

Author Ed Underwood has just released a new book called "Haunted Jonesboro" Underwood says the like any town Jonesboro has haunts.

Underwood, "Jonesboro is literally full of haunted places, ghosts that remain from things that have happened. Things that will haunt this town forever. "

Underwood relates the story of "Zeke" a railroad switchman caught in the yard at Jonesboro who became disorientated in a storm. The story goes that Zeke was trying to flag a train from the wrong direction when he was hit from behind.

Underwood, "They only found Zeke's right foot in his work boot and they never found his lantern." Some say you can still see Zeke's lantern swinging back and forth as a train approaches.

Another story involves the intersection of Union and Washington streets. Augustus Ellison was the only Confederate soldier killed during a Southern raid on the courthouse. According to witnesses, Ellison's ghost rises from a blue mist in the center of the intersection. The ghost then forms and begins to march around the courthouse. The story says that after the third time around the ghost simply disappears.

With so many haunted spots in Jonesboro I asked Underwood. "Where is the most documented ghost at?"

Underwood, "The ghost at the Forum. Charley has been here since it was a movie theater back in the 50's. Apparently he was a projectionist here." Underwood says Charley likes to hang around the second floor balcony where the projection booth was and occasionally appear in group photographs taken in the theater.

Theater workers say they have never seen the ghost but Underwood says that if you sample the Electro Magnetic Force or EMF in the park or the front of the building there seems always something going on.

As a matter of fact the night we interviewed Underwood he showed us his meter and it went crazy.

We wandered all over in front of the Forum, the meter just keep beeping until it pegged and stayed that way. Underwood says his meter is a cheap model and only picks up activity a couple feet from the meter.

Underwood, "We had some really extraordinary readings. An amount of just pegging the meter which rarely ever happens. "

"Ghosts?" I asked.

Underwood, "Ghosts, transitional energy whatever you want to call it. But never in the two years I've done these tours has it shown this much activity as it was when we went around with your camera crew!

Well, he did say Charley liked getting his picture taken...Happy Halloween!!

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