National Emergency Alert System test on Nov. 9

National Emergency Alert System test on Nov. 9

On Nov. 9, at approximately 1 p.m. local time, this station, along  with all other radio, cable, and satellite TV networks in the area, will participate in a simultaneous nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System in cooperation with the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

This test will last for about 60 seconds, after which we'll return to our regular programming.

This will only be a test and, as mentioned, will appear simultaneously on all radio and broadcast, cable, and satellite TV systems.

Locally, for our audience in NE AR and SE MO who use Twitter, we will also use the hashtag #KAITEAS.

The National EAS is a public alert and warning system that enables the President of the United States to address the American public during extreme emergencies.

As federal, state, tribal, territorial and local governments prepare for and test their capabilities, this event serves as a reminder that everyone should establish an emergency preparedness kit and  emergency plan for themselves, their families, communities, and businesses.

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