Region 8 leaders strive to get residents to work

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Region 8 leaders met on Tuesday with a common goal to get residents back to work.

The Northeast Arkansas elected officials that are a part of the seven counties that make up the Northeast Arkansas Workforce Investment board got together for their quarterly meeting.

This board is made up of both mayors and county judges. Mayor Mike Gaskill, "We'll look at the finances of what the organization has done as far as work training and things like that," Gaskill said. "Today, we'll also look at re-certifying the three locations that we have. One in Blytheville, one in Jonesboro and one in Paragould and signing agreements with those. The other thing we're going to do, today, is elect a Vice Chairman."

Gaskill says their main objective is to get Region 8 residents employment. "We'll go over all the information we have" Gaskill commented. "We'll get reports from the different agencies on what kind of work has been done to ensure that we're following the will of what this organization does. And that's to help people either get educated for jobs or to get work training or to help people who have lost their jobs. And so, that's the calling that we have."

Gaskill says one of the biggest advantages to these meetings is the opportunity to exchange information with other leaders.

"Networking is always an important thing, regardless of what you're doing because we all share the same problems. Some are bigger than others, but they are all the same thing, " Gaskill commented.  "Because we're elected officials, we all have resources we have to make the best use out of. And so, through this opportunity not only do we get to work together as a group for the entire Northeast Arkansas region, but we also have to network with each other and we can glean things from each other. We can even share issues we might have and ask people for advice if they've had those problems before. So, it's an opportunity for us to get together with other elected officials and have an opportunity to learn from them and get information from them so it might help make our job easier in our own places."

For additional information on the Northeast Arkansas elected officials or the Northeast Arkansas Workforce Investment Board, log onto this website.

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