Sheriff believes mom from Region 8 was murdered

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Investigators say evidence uncovered in Karen Swift's car and on her body may be the key to finding her killer.

Swift disappeared from her Dyer County home two days before Halloween. The mother of four's body was discovered Saturday, but now the Dyer County Sheriff is ready to reveal details of the investigation.

Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box believes Karen Swift's death was a homicide.

Her body was discovered by a cemetery caretaker Saturday. It was about 60 feet off Harness Road.

Harness Road is the common denominator in all of this. Karen Swift lived on the street. Her car was discovered at the tip of Harness Road and her body was discovered in a wooded area off the road.

Box said the vegetation has changed and that's why Swift's body was found.

"Currently, we are not naming any suspects and will not name anyone until we feel it will benefit this case," he said.

The sheriff said Swift's husband, who she was divorcing, is cooperating, answering questions for investigators who are trying to solve her murder.

Her car was discovered, with a tire off the rim, pulled over about a quarter of a mile from her home. Swift had been to a Halloween party and brought her young daughter home from a sleep over when she disappeared.

Box said her tire had a puncture in it and a sheet rock screw in it. The TBI crime lab is conducting more tests on the tire.

"We have to move forward with this case as a homicide investigation and we have to go after the person who is responsible," Box said.

Box said there was never an organized grid search in the area where Karen Swift's body was discovered.

Her family is waiting for her body to be released by the medical examiner in Memphis which will likely take a few more days.

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