School district adopts new teaching model geared toward high tech workforce

CHERRY VALLEY, AR (KAIT) - A local school district is one of the first educational systems in Arkansas to adopt a new teaching model designed to better equip students with the skills needed for today's high tech workforce.

Cross County High School in the Cross County school district now uses a project-based learning method to educate its students.  Eleventh grader Danielle Andrews said she can see a difference in lesson plans.  "(It's) more focused on us and our futures instead of the past," she said.

The project-based learning model incorporates technology and group work simulate a post-education environment.  "You always have that one person who doesn't want to do anything in the group but it's the same way in life.  At work you have that person that doesn't want to do anything, but you still have to get it done," Andrews said.

CCHS teacher Teresa Fuller started using similar teaching methods several years ago.  "I've been teaching for 16 years, and I had already moved away from a lot of stand and lecture-type teaching."

Principal David Clark is pleased with the difference he sees at his school.  "We've certainly had some growing pains, and everybody's been tired, faculty and staff especially, but we can start to see a real difference in the students."

CCHS adopted the project-based teaching method from New Tech Network, a non-profit organization that provides schools in the U.S. with the resources and support to create a new culture of learning within the school.

For more information about New Tech Network, click here.

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