Local Museum Exhibit 60 years in the making

Our German Soldier is now open at the Arkansas State University Museum.  The exhibit tells the story of a young World War 1 German soldier August Faller.  The exhibit tells two stories.  One through pictures Faller took during the war...the second of the long journey his photograph album took before being reunited with its rightful owners.

The album was stolen by American soldiers during the last days of the third Reicht.  It was donated to ASU in 1961.  The album was apparently lost for forty years before museum staff came across the photographs.  Staff saying seeing many of the photographs inside made them know what needed to be done....find the owners.

Last year two of the museum staff were invited to Germany in order to give back the album.  While Faller hasn passed away, his family was overjoyed by the gift.  For many it was the first time of seeing the album let alone the pictures held within.

The Museum is open seven days a week.  Times are Monday through Friday 9-4 and weekends  Noon to 5.