German Soldier Exhibit

Our German Soldier, is a new exhibit at the ASU museum with a story behind the story.

It all begin days before the fall of the 3rd Reicht.

American soldiers caught by 2 young girls stealing their Christmas tin.

The girls quickly tell their mother who confronts the soldiers.

((Mark Steed/Professor: The American soldier says we are not going to return the item and you are lucky we don't burn your house down.))

Inside the tin, family treasures including a photo album of the war captured in the eyes of a young German soldier.

The album is donated to the ASU museum in 1961 but becomes lost for nearly four decades.

Once found museum staff decided this personal account should be returned.

Now 60 years after the photos were taken, Faller's work is being appreciated in the new museum exhibit our German soldier.

((It tells his story of what all young men would do if they are far away from home no matter what country or army they are.))

((Ruth Hawkins/Interim Director ASU museum: In addition we have a series of photos taken in Germany when the actual album was returned.))

From snowy villages to wooded areas that could be mistaken for Arkansas, the pictures show the adventures of one man across the world.

While no one can forget the horrors of the war, Steed says he has found Faller to be a good man.

((Mr. Faller never joined the German party he was offered a promotion if he would join but he turned the promotion down cold.))

((Ron Smiley: Our German soldier manages to many times capture the lighter side of the war as well, like the picture of the Italian dog Anni with a helmet on and pipe.))

Our German soldier is not a permanent exhibit.

However, staff say it is something they hold very close to their hearts.