Residents reflect on Payneway recovery

PAYNEWAY, AR (KAIT) - Payneway, Arkansas residents say even though life is getting back to normal after the massive flooding last spring in their small community in Poinsett County, they don't want to forget how the flood affected their lives.

Carolyn Cantrell was forced out of her home in May because of the floods. She moved back into her rebuilt home four weeks ago.  "It's wonderful to be back home to actually get up in the morning and you're surrounded by all of your things."

Cantrell's women's group at Corners Chapel Baptist Church is making a scrapbook using the letters the flood victims sent to the church to thank church member for assisting with sandbagging efforts.

Jay Paul Woods said volunteers came from all over the region. "The people in the area, northeast Arkansas, even over in Memphis, I believe there was a couple of churches that brought food over here."

Cantrell encourages anyone who was involved to send their story to Corners Chapel Baptist Church. "(Explain) how its affected you, how it's affected your family, things that happened to you while you were here working."

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