Israeli league canceled after strike; Shay Scott was slated to play for Holon

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's professional women's basketball league has canceled its season following a strike by local players over the number of foreigners allowed on each team.

It is the first time in the league's 54-year history that an entire season has been scrapped, leaving several top WNBA players out of work.

One of those players out of work is ASU alum Shay Scott. She signed with Holon after one of the best playing careers in school history.

Israel has one of Europe's top leagues for women. The WNBA says 13 of its players spent the winter in Israel last season. The Israeli league recently reversed a policy requiring teams to have at least two local players on the court at any time. The move led to an increased number of foreigners, angering local players.

After the Israeli players sat out the first game and refused to return to work, league officials canceled the rest of the season Sunday.