Conway's Contaminated Water to be Treated

January 13, 2004  -- Posted at 7:23 AM CDT

CONWAY, AR  --About two  million gallons of contaminated water from the Detco Industries fire water will be treated by the city of Conway's wastewater utility.

The water was kept by earthen dams from running into local rivers and streams. Analysis of the water shows much lower levels of contamination than immediately after the fire.

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality says about 125-thousand gallons of water with higher concentrations of chemicals were pumped out before the latest tests.

Also other runoff from elsewhere in the city mixed with the contaminated water, diluting it. A fire and explosions on Tuesday destroyed the plant and led to runoff of chemicals inside the plant.

Detco makes industrial chemicals and aerosol products, such as cleaners and disinfectants. Officials say a valve leaking propane gas apparently was the ignition point for the fire.

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