Region 8 park recognized by state

POCAHONTAS,AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 park is receiving state recognition, as representativesfrom the State Parks Division traveled from Little Rock to Pocahontas onTuesday.

TheRegion III Park of the Year Award was presented to staff of the DavidsonvilleState Park. Park Superintendent Kendra Harris says this means a lot to both sheand the park staff. "I was so excited," Harris said. "I knew howmuch it meant to the employees here and they work so hard. They put a lot ofcare and effort into this park and I know they enjoy doing it. So, it meant alot to them. And to see them excited made me excited."

StateParks Director, Greg Butts, says it's Harris and the park staff that make it sospecial. "This is an incredible honor for Harris and the entire staff,"Butts stated. "Each year we recognize an outstanding state park in thefour administrative regions. This year Davidsonville competed with sixteenother parks in their region and were selected. They've just done outstandingwork."

Harrissays the staff has a variety of daily duties they work hard at, such as keepingthe camp sites, picnic tables, bathrooms, pavilions, playgrounds and trails allclean for visitors. "Any part of this park, we look at, is to keep safeand clean for park visitors," Harris commented. "In the office we docamping registrations, pavilion rentals and deal with contact with the publicon what we have going on. Special events, programs, what is available when. So,there are a number of things that go on behind the scenes that people areunaware of."

Believeit or not, there are only seven employees at Davidsonville State Park, and twoof that already small staff are also only seasonal.

Buttssays the Davidsonville staff have definitely raised the bar for other stateparks. "It's a small staff for this park, but the output and how wellmaintained they keep the park is amazing."

Harrissays while the park is a wonderful place to visit for recreational activities, andvisitors also get a peek at Arkansas history.

"Thispark is unique," Harris said. "Davidsonville is the site of the firstpost office, land office and the courthouse in Arkansas territories. So, a lotof the justice and government started here."

Harrissays a little over 80, 000 people visited Davidsonville State Park last yearalone.

Foradditional information about Davidsonville State Park, log onto this website.

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