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Highway grant and bond issues renewed

Associated Press

LITTLE ROCK, AR (AP) - Arkansas voters have renewed a $575 million bond program to repair 400 miles of interstate highways.

The plan approved Tuesday renews a 1999 package that fixed 350 miles of 4-lane highways. That plan marked the first time in 50 years that Arkansas strayed from a pay-as-you-go funding plan for roads.

With partial results from 62 of the state's 75 counties, the plan led by a 4-1 margin.

Taxes wouldn't have been impacted by any outcome Tuesday, and that was a key selling point for supporters. Under the measure, 4 cents of the state's 22.5-cent diesel tax remain dedicated toward paying off the highway debt.

The loan package is a scaled-down version of a funding plan approved by lawmakers this year. Voters will consider a half-cent sales tax increase next fall.

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