Finding a Good Cup of Java in Jonesboro

January 13, 2004 — Posted at 5:50 p.m.

JONESBORO—The sound of an espresso machine isn't the only thing that attracts customers to Classic Cup Coffee.

For three years now, patrons like Robert Taylor start the day there. He and his wife come in at 7:30a.m., stay at least 2 hours, and call it the social highlight of the day.

"It's kind of like a small community that gets together every morning to have words of wisdom, and then you begin your day with a laugh at least," said Taylor.

Owner Scarlett Mullins and her husband thought Jonesboro was ready for speciality coffee, and that's how they got their start. Some say Classic Cup is guilty of setting a trend in the community.

"It feels great in that I think we caught onto something and we caught onto something early," said Mullins.

Classic Cup has been voted Best Cup of Coffee in Jonesboro for the last 2 years.

"We have so many customers that travel extensively and they always say ours is the best," said Mullins. "We know most of our customers by name, we know their drinks, if we don't know your name we at least know what you drink. We'll have your drink ready before you even get out of your car."

If you scan the walls at Caffe Buono, you can't help but notice the European feel, and that's because Jonesboro native Dale Thomas met his wife in Italy. The rest is history.

Coffee of course is typically associated with mornings, but at Caffe Buono the owners hope that a showcased piano will create more of a relaxing feel that will attract customers throughout the day.

"It's to make it a little more romantic than say a CD in the background," said Thomas. "It's a pleasant place to come and get dessert, particularly after the movies or dinner."

Coffee Gallery is only 3 weeks old, but the employees there say it's different. Instead of fast food, there's fast coffee.

"It's convenient for ladies who have children in the car, or if they're taking their kids to soccer practice, they may want to get their latte on the way," said Manager Penny Arant.

If your deal is one stop shopping, this place offers something else.

"With the tanning salon added, that's bringing in a lot of extra people, because usually when they get out of the tanning salon, they'll come over and get a cup of coffee or a frozen drink," said Arant.

So whether you're in the mood to go where everybody knows your name, just want to get away from the norm, or don't have the time to leave your car, there's a coffee shop in Jonesboro to meet your needs.