2011 Williams Baptist College Tournament seeds announced

From Williams Baptist College

The annual Williams Baptist College Tournament has officially released its 2011 seeds. Marmaduke has been selected the top seed in both the boy's and girl's brackets.

The top four girls' seeds are Marmaduke (1), Pocahontas (2), Viola (3), and Southside (4), and each will receive a bye into the second round. They are followed by Hillcrest (5), Corning (6), Walnut Ridge (7), Hoxie (8), Sloan-Hendrix (9), Maynard (10), Black Rock (11), and Tuckerman (12).

In the boys' bracket, the top three seeds receive a bye, Marmaduke (1), Viola (2), and Riverside (3). Following seeds are, Pocahontas (4), Hillcrest (5), Southside (6), Walnut Ridge (7), Hoxie (8), Corning (9), Black Rock (10), Tuckerman (11), Maynard (12), and Sloan-Hendrix (13).

The WBC Tournament will run November 26 through December 3. The seeds were selected by a vote from the tournament coaches.