Woman gets dream come true through Second Wind

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A local home care agency partnered with an international organization to grant the wish of a deserving Region 8 resident.

Bertie Ross is a client of Absolute Care Management in Jonesboro.  The home care agency partnered with Second Wind Dreams, a non-profit organization that grants dreams to seniors.

Second Wind Dreams granted 109-year-old Ross' wish to wear a new wig and dress to lunch with her family at Benny's Bar-B-Que. "She's 109 years old and I think she's the first one to win this prize in Mississippi County," Ross' great niece Doris Williams Baker.

Courtney Shackelford of Absolute Care Management said most of the dream recipients choose to keep it simple.  "When you're dealing with elders as opposed to children their dreams are so realistic," she said.  "Sometimes you think, 'you don't want to do something really crazy and exciting?'"

Shackelford said Absolute Care wanted to partner with Second Wind in the 26 Arkansas counties Absolute Cares serves to change the negative perception of aging. "We knew that we had so many elders in their homes who didn't get out and had lost the desire to really thrive and enjoy life."

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