Tuesday's rain could boost luck in duck blind this weekend

WALDENBURG, AR (KAIT) - The official start of waterfowl-hunting season opens Saturday, but where are the ducks?  Many hunters in Region 8 are wondering if the extremely hot, dry summer is to blame.

Temperatures are unseasonably warm in the northern section of the United States and that means fewer birds are migrating.

Adam Lyerly of Bayou DeView Outfitters sees the need for more rain.

"A lot of sloughs are dried up. The fields, you know, they dry them up for harvest so it really doesn't matter on that. But a lot of these sloughs and stuff, where we get a two-inch rain now, it's going to take a two-inch rain to fill the sloughs."

If the drought didn't affect your duck blind, then chances are this past spring's flooding did.

"We got all the floods on the Mississippi River and the Missouri River. A lot of crops didn't get planted. So there's not a lot to hold the ducks up."

A strong cold front is forecast to move through, which could bring more ducks to Region 8.

"You find one, then you find a lot. They're kind of concentrated in big areas. But as this rain comes in tomorrow, it should scatter them out. And if you don't have ducks, you ought to have them in a few days."

Some public access lakes have received help from other upstream rivers and lakes.

But water levels are still relatively shallow.

Either way, lakes and rice fields will be loaded with avid sports enthusiasts come Saturday morning, rain or shine.

"If we get a two-inch rain, that would be great. But if we get a lot of thunder and lightning, then they may be scarce for a few days."

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