Cashing Out but Clocking in to Help

A new national study shows Americans prefer volunteer work to giving money to good causes.  The study also shows a bit of a generation gap as young generation x'ers seem the most interested in giving their time.

Here in Region 8, Volunteer work is nothing new to the area.  Volunteers often outnumber those needing help in many of the areas larger good samaritan activities and functions.  But many of those functions happen during the holiday season...something young teens generally ignore when volunteering their time.

One reason for the amount of volunteers here could be the requirements many local schools place on their social clubs.  In order to begin a club you have to have at least one volunteer event every year.  This keeps teens busy and active throughout the year helping others.

From picking up litter at a local park to visiting retirement homes young teens in the area are kept busy.  Jonesboro's City Youth Ministries is a favorite spot to volunteer around Jonesboro.  The staff numbers only four full time employees.  They depend on volunteers to help out through the week and with special functions.

Results of the national poll show 50 percent identified volunteering more important than giving money, while only 22 percent chose money as more important.

Experts say the results are not surprising due to the fact teens generally have little money and more time to give.  Many times the opposite of what senior citizens can provide.