Seven sets of siblings give new meaning to the word "brotherhood"

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - A football team in Region 8 gives the word "brotherhood" new meaning.

The Caruthersville High School football team have seven sets of brothers playing for the Tigers. Siblings make up about one-fourth of the team.

Eight-year head coach Nathan Morgan said the mix creates intense competition on and off the field. "Making sure they're there on time, or giving grief if they're not there on time or doing something less than what they've been doing, especially in the weight room. It's big competition of who's benching more who's squatting more."

Freshman Landon Stricklin stepped in for his brother Jay when the junior offensive lineman got hurt. "Fourteen years old playing against guys that are 17 and 18 isn't an easy thing," said Morgan.

Junior Kenneth Pittman is one minute older than his twin Kendall. The two have played football on the same team since middle school.  The two admit their rivalry is just as strong as their relationship. "When he missed an on-side kick at practice he fell on it and I kicked him. He should've got it.  It was an easy ball to get," Kendall said.

Coach Morgan said the competition is good for the team. "It helps us because not only are they helping each other, but with them competing as hard as they do against each other it kind of makes the other guys tow the line too."

In spite of the tension that is sometimes present, the older brothers want to teach the siblings as much as possible. "I just want to make sure when I leave he'll be a good player," said senior linebacker Jamar Oliver.

Sophomore Abdule Johnson said "When I'm a senior I'll have a year to play with my younger brother, and I can teach him what my older brother taught me."

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