Operation Sidekick to host 3-day scavenger hunt

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Operation Sidekick is hosting their first-annual three-day scavenger hunt here in Jonesboro.

Friends and family of the Arkansas 39th Brigade will donate the proceeds of the hunt to the Wounded Warrior Project" in the area.

The goal of this weekend's scavenger hunt is to pull the community together in support of local war veterans.

Organizers hope to raise $10,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Chris Chamberlain explains the details of the hunt.

"The entry fee for each team is one-hundred dollars and that's at the door. There's no limit of how many people can be on your team, you just have to split the prize money amongst how ever many people you have."

The entry fee is one-hundred dollars per team, but a $3,000 cash prize will be given to the first-place winners.

The scavenger hunt will start Friday night at 6 and last through Sunday afternoon.

A silent auction will take place at the fowler center on Sunday.

Items include a guitar and photographs signed by famous rocker Ted Nugent.

More information can be found about the Wounded Warrior Project here.

Or, for more details on the scavenger hunt, click here.

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