Area approaching rainiest Nov. since 2004

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT) -  This month has been in active one in the weather department.

This is the rainiest November region eight has seen since 2004.

That year, we saw nearly 10 inches of rain, which is more than double the average amount, and much of Region 8 saw between three and four inches of rain earlier this week, adding to the monthly total of 6.54".

Now, much more rain is in the extended forecast, while we are close in on that rain total of 10 inches.

A series of late-weekend and early-week storm systems will add to the monthly total of 6.5 inches.

Much of the land across Region 8 is already soaked, so now the flash flooding issue is a concern.

Which is bad news for residents of Tuckerman who live along Highway 224.

Jackson County Judge Jeff Phillips says this past week's rain closed a 50 stretch of low-lying roadway.

"I got a call in about some water over the road. So I put a road sign out there. This is for people at night, when they can't see. They'll see that road sign and then they can slow down where they don't hit all that water."

While this is an isolated event, Phillips says any rain is something the Cache River is not prepared to handle.

"We've got a log jam south of Grubbs, that back it all the way into Grubbs when it floods. Just like this past spring when it flooded, water got into the south end of town."

Flash floods often develop quickly, so if you live in or drive through a low-lying area, be sure to play it smart.

"The water's rising, and if we have any more rain, more water's going to get over the roads. So just be safe, be cautious. And if you got a road, it's just best to stay off the road if they're flooded."

Judge Phillips adds that the best thing to do is just turn around and find a safer route.

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