Lt. Governor speaks to students in Jonesboro

January 20, 2004 -- Posted at 3:07 p.m. CST

JONESBORO--Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller was in Northeast Arkansas on Tuesday, meeting with school children and speaking with the Jonesboro Rotary Club.

"I love to have the opportunity to visit schools and visit with kids, because they are the future of Arkansas, and I want all of them to understand that there are some great opportunities for every one of them," said Lt. Governor Rockefeller.
The Lt. Governor spent this Tuesday morning talking about scouting with boys at the Hillcrest Elementary School in Jonesboro.
While the children asked questions and listened carefully, teachers wondered why the state is still in an education crisis.

"It's been forty days and we really haven't had anything done, we had a flood that lasted forty days and forty nights, and it seems that we got more done during that time then what the legislature has done. I'm real disappointed that they haven't done more," said forth-grade teacher Dennis Reed.

"Small schools are wonderful, but we also have to find a balance where a school can be small enough to meet the needs of an individual child, but also fiscally efficient as well," said Lt. Governor Rockefeller.
Rockefeller says the challenge before legislators to is to devise a blueprint that can be implemented by all school districts in the state.
"I think we have to do is achieve a standard that can be met by all the different school districts and then strive to maintain that standard or actually improve, because if we're not improving, we're going backwards," said Lt. Governor Rockefeller.
While Lt. Governor Rockefeller spoke about his experience with the Boy Scouts at Hillcrest Elementary, he also read to fourth grade students at Nettleton Central Elementary and met with the Jonesboro Rotary Club for lunch. He finished up his tour of schools in Northeast Arkansas at the Buffalo Island Central Elementary School in Monette where he talked about the importance of education children about government.
"I also want to focus on a very near and dear document for me, the constitution and the declaration of of the biggest problems we have in government today, we have a lot of people who get out and campaign, and a lot of people who make noise, beat drums and all that and stand on the street corners, but how many do we have voting, how many people do we have becoming knowledgeable about the issues, about the candidates and all of these things," said Lt. Governor Rockefeller.