Recycling could help boost job creation

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Many of you have heard the says reduce reuse recycle. While being "green" is good for the planet, a recent study found recycling that aluminum can could bring more employment.

James Hafer is the General Manager at Marck Industries in Brookland. He says if more people recycle, it not only helps keeps reusable products out of the landfill, but boosts the economy in the area.

"The bigger we get, the more people we have to have to run all this stuff through here," said Hafer.

A recent study found that if the recycle rate were to increase roughly 40-percent over the next 20 years that could create around 1.5 million jobs. The report also found recycling takes more work than trash disposal- from collecting, processing, and making new products with the recycled materials.

"The further you go down the line, the more the employment tends to generate. Because the further into it you get, the more people it takes to process that material," said Hafer.

The company processes around 225 tons of cardboard and plastic a week. Hafer started working with Marck Industries back in 2008 and says they have had a huge boost in employment.

"We went from just a few people on the floor to around 15 people that work here now. So, it's really come a long way," said Hafer.

He attributes that growth to the increased popularity. "People have gotten a lot more into it. I've gone out and seen more people recycling in the area," said Hafer.

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