Walnut Ridge Police Department moves into new building

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Walnut Ridge Police Department is officially in a new building.

On September 13th, a truck went through the front wall of the Walnut Ridge Police Department that was located just off of Main Street.

Walnut Ridge Police Chief Richy Thatcher says everyone's been working hard since the accident occurred in September. "Shortly after the accident, the Mayor and City Council wanted to help us get part of the building open to get us going, " Thatcher said. "We began working on cleaning out the building. There were items and things in here from the previous owner. Once we got everything cleaned out, we started remodeling and building walls."

Thatcher says the community has had a lot to do with getting them into their new office so quickly. "This has been a pretty tough process, " Thatcher remarked. "We've worked hard. A lot of long hours, but we've had a lot of volunteers from the community. We've had a lot of business donate items or give us things at a discount price. So, the community has really come together, backed us and helped us one hundred percent."

Chief Thatcher says their new department has a number of advantage their old one didn't. "This building is more user friendly, " Thatcher stated. "It's a new building. This one's going to be better on utilities than the old building. The other building was pretty old. The way the other building was designed was also very outdated. Years ago I'm sure it was good, but since the department has grown and gotten bigger we needed something else."

Thatcher says everyone is excited to be making themselves at home in their new department. "We love it. This is great. This building is more than we ever imagined it could be. We're all very excited and honored to have a building like this."

Chief Thatcher says they still have a few minor odds and ends to finish up, but everyone is working out of the new building.

Animal Control Officer Robert Rice was inside the police department when the accident occurred and was injured. Thatcher says they hope to see Officer Rice back to work in January.

For more information about the Walnut Ridge Police Department, you can log onto this website.

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