Jonesboro storm drains are filling up

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many place in Region 8 received at least an inch of rainfall overnight, washing leaves and debris downhill and into storm drains.

Jonesboro Street Superintendent Steve Tippitt is bracing for even more rain.

"With the wind blowing like it is, we get more leaves on the ground. The water flows the leaves toward our inlets and to our pipes. So we're trying to get all them open for any heavy rain that we may get later today."

Street crews were in the fog and drizzle all day Monday making sure city roads remain safe passable.

"We're out trying to get the leaves out of the drains and keep them unclogged for the rain we've got coming in, to keep ahead of the flooding."

Even though this has been the rainiest November in seven years, this is nothing out of the ordinary for Tippitt and his team.

Seven zones divide the city of Jonesboro, and there was a crew in each zone today.

Workers removed trash from the drains before they collected underground and caused larger problems.

"We have hot-spots. Mainly the old part of town. All the oak trees and stuff have more leaves and we try to get the hot-spots first. And then we'll get out into the other areas."

Tippitt adds that many Jonesboro neighborhoods are very low, which makes them more prone to flash flooding.

Drainage can really become a hazard in times of heavy rain.

One drain was so clogged with up trash, it took two truck-loads to remove.

If you notice a stopped-up drain in your area, you are encouraged to notify the city.

"We'll try to get someone out as quick and as soon as we can. Get them out to help."

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