PBPD nabs Texas fugitive

January 21, 2004 -- Posted at 4:25 p.m. CST

POPLAR BLUFF--Police officials in Poplar Bluff had no idea that a routine traffic stop off of the Highway 67 bypass would net a Texas fugitive.

Early Saturday morning Poplar Bluff Police Officer Corey Mitchell made a routine traffic stop on the Highway 67 bypass and pulled over Cornett Meekins and his companion Stefany Campus, both of Tyler, Texas. The pair acted suspicious and were not able to show identification or tell Officer Mitchell where they were headed.

"I believe he was playing his cards, hoping that I was a rookie cop, didn't know what I was doing...I guess he hoped he was just going to get a warning ticket and be sent on his way," said Patrolman Mitchell, "He was hoping i wouldn't investigate the situation further."
Mitchell's partner is K-9 Officer Argo, a black German Shepherd that has been with the police force for several years. Police officials in Poplar Bluff say he's the real key to the success of this case.

Suspicion caused 9-year-veteran Mitchell to bring in Officer Argo, and the canine cop sniffed out nearly $4,000 worth of marijuana in the cars' bumper...giving reason to hold the two suspects.

They discovered that Meekins and Campus were both wanted for murder in Texas...not only by the police, but by gang members too.
Detective Jeff Rolland said, "This individual turned out to be a major gang member in the Tyler-Longview, Texas area, and it's our understand that two of the homicides were ordered by the leader of this gang to prevent them from providing information to law enforcement agencies."

Meekins has been extradited back to Tyler, Texas, where he faces 3 counts of capital murder....Campus is still being held at the Butler County Jail, awaiting arraignment.

With information gained from the arrests of Meekins and Campus, authorities have already made several arrests of members of the Five Deuces gang in the Tyler-Longview, Texas area.