Local Jonesboro Thefts Have Cops Floored

A recent rash of residential thefts in and around Jonesboro have cops looking for clues and suspects.  Police say lumber, tools, and even kitchen sinks aren't safe from these current thieves hands.  Making builders and new home buyers seeing red when it comes to these homes.

Doug Formon, the police department spokesman, says they are looking for clues and suspects.  He admits crimes like these can be tough to solve because they are happening all over the area.  He says it is tough to know what might be stolen next do to the wide area of the incidents.

Formon adds their best weapon could be the general public.  "People should be bringing things to a construction site not taking things out," Formon said when asked what residents should be looking out for in their neighborhoods.

With the type and ammount of items recently taken law enforcement also think someone probably is suspicious of someone they know.  Formon mentioned a nice state of the art refigerator was one of the nice items recently stolen.  An item hard to get rid of without getting caught.  If you have information about this case or others Formon asks you call crime stoppers at 935-stop.  All calls are anonymous.