Early numbers show holiday shopping in Region 8 is off to a good start

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - Money seems to make the Christmas season go round, and while wewould like to think money has nothing to do with the holiday season, it does inthis consumer driven country.

Itis the only way to buy those toys and clothes which top the wish lists of manyin region 8.

Speakingof lists they already seem to be long. "Making those lists and checkingthem twice which means we are too because fortunately for us we are too becausewe have to reorder inventory," said Mary Horne, the owner of localbusiness J. Christopher Toys and Gifts.

Hornesays sales seem to be up compared to this time last year. "People havebeen making earlier inquires," said Horne.

Theowner of Rockstar Clothing and Guitars, Casey Johnson, says they too arereporting the same story. "We've had lots of shoppers coming inearly," said Casey.

Asfor Casey and Mary, they both say the recent push for shopping local and crosspromotion among the businesses is making a big difference. "Seems like ithas been working," said Horne.

Theysay besides supporting the local economy there are many other pluses toshopping with them verses the giant stores. "The experience is better andyou don't have to wait in the line at the mall," said Johnson.

Whilethe local shopping season may be off to a lucrative start, neither entrepreneursays she is letting her guard down. They say especially in the face of the bigcompetition who sometimes seem to have it all on Black Friday. "It's toughfor us to do anything because of all the buying power," said Horne.

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