Man Arrested For Assaulting Worker at Daycare Center

JANUARY 21, 2004 -- Posted at: 10:30pm

JONESBORO, AR - A Region 8 man was still in jail Wednesday night after allegedly assaulting his wife's co-worker.

The incident happened Monday afternoon at a daycare center in Jonesboro. Margaret Martin says a busy signal is what apparently set off John T. Tittle. He was calling his wife's place of employment to talk with her, but couldn't get through after repeated tries. When he finally did, a frustrating conversation with her sent him over the edge.

"He showed up there in an irrate manner, forced his way into the building past one of the employees, striking the employee and searching for the individual he was trying to contact," said Detective Dewayne Pierce, the investigating officer from the Jonesboro Police Department.

Martin is the employee that was hit. She explained how she told Tittle's wife, Melinda, to lock herself in a bathroom in order to stay safe.

Detective Pierce added, "After he couldn't contact her, he chased the employee back outside, where an off-duty Jonesboro Police officer contacted him to try to get him to submit to arrest."

John Tittle refused and fled in a vehicle. He was apprehended a few blocks away.

A felony battery charge has been filed against him. He was also charged with Harrassing Communications, Criminal Tresspass, two counts of Assault for harming his wife and Martin, and refusing to submit to arrest. Those five counts are misdemeanors.

"I conducted an interview with the suspect," explained Pierce, "and he did admit to me that he had a problem with anger."

John T. Tittle, who was on Crimestoppers in May, is no stranger to law enforcement officers. He has multiple Failure To Appear warrants against him, as well as a Terroristic Threatening warrant in Boone County.

Judge Ray Spruell set John Tittle's bond at $75,000 for his recent actions. He's scheduled to be back in front of the judge on February 27th.

Children were present when John Tittle was inside of the daycare center. None of them were injured. Martin said security measures have been increased, in hopes that something like this won't happen again.