Local businesses benefit from "Small Business Saturday"

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Local businesses now have a day of their own for shoppers to overtake their stores to search for the latest and greatest deals.

It's called "Small Business Saturday" and this was the second year the event has officially existed. Coming the day after the biggest shopping day of the year,"Small Business Saturday" is geared toward helping out smaller, local businesses which are vital to the hometown economies.

"It is critical that people shop local," said Ted Herget, owner of the Jonesboro based Gearhead Outfitters stores. "The money stays here. We hire local, the taxes stay local," said Herget.

The shoppers in the store on Saturday agreed with Herget, "I want to support local businesses," said Joanne Woodward, who was shopping at Gearhead Outfitters on Saturday, "I am always happy with it and they have great customer service so it's perfect for me," said Woodward.

Herget added that with enough support from the community that small businesses can even make a splash in the national economy and that his businesses tries to compete with national chains by offering incentives for people to come in.

"We are going to know the product better than anybody on the internet or generally the big stores," said Herget, "We are your neighbor."

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