Manila mechanics are gearing up for snow business

MANILA, AR (KAIT) - Local service and repair shops are seeing a jump in business due to Monday and Tuesday's wintry mix.

The slipping and sliding is not the only thing causing trouble; this cold weather seems to bring out the worst, and sometimes most annoying, vehicle problems.

For many Region 8 drivers, it seemed like the worst car troubles appeared with the first snowfall of the season.

Many places across the area saw snowfall totals over 3 inches, and Manila was no exception.

A vehicle can be at its most vulnerable when the temperature drops close to freezing.

Performance Auto mechanic Steven Moore described his customer's car problem.

"Her car was starting slow this morning and the cold weather actually got her battery. So, we checked the antifreeze and put a new battery on her car. And filled it full of washing fluid so she could de-ice her windshield in the morning time."

The cold weather claimed the battery of one customer's snow-covered car.

"There's been quite a few coming through. That cold drains them real fast."

Business normally picks up around this time of year, but all the snow that fell created hazardous road conditions.

'I was at the coffee shop this morning, had to help a guy on his truck up there."

Moore noticed that the truck had spun around and slid into a ditch.

But the most common problem Steven has seen so far is a dead battery.

"During the cold spells, all the cars and the batteries start getting weak. People fail to check them all summer long, so whenever it gets real cold usually they won't start."

So he encourages everyone to have their vehicles inspected for the winter.

"Tires, batteries, oil changes, light mechanical work. The worse thing you could do is get out there, and your car not start."

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