Hope Circle members appeal to Region 8 residents

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Hope Circle is appealing to the generosity of others this holiday season.

A sale is taking place at their office.

Customers will find a variety of items for sale, such as hats, scarfs, jewelry and even paintings.

Manager of Hope Circle, June Morse, says there are patients all over Region 8 who rely on Hope Circle for help.

"Hope Circle is important to this community because we are free. And there are so many people, right now, who are effected by catastrophic illness and it is life changing, obviously. And what we want to do is be there for them while they go through this journey."

Morse says there are a lot of people involved with Hope Circle, volunteering their skills and time.

"We have a lot of volunteers who knit and sew items for patients who have lost, or are loosing their hair. We work to provide caps, scarfs and wigs. These items are free to anyone whose going through a catastrophic illness."

Hope Circle also works to provide support.

"Hope Circle is part of the NEA Charitable Foundation and what we do is provide supportive services. When a person is diagnosed with a catastrophic illness it effects the entire family. While we provide items for the patient, we also provide support for the whole family."

Morse says they have a lending library where anyone can come in and check out books.

Their library contains books on different diseases, treatments, nutrition and many other subjects that are helpful to someone going through this.

"A catastrophic illness can be cancer, sometimes it's severe arthritis, severe heart disease, severe diabetes. Any of these diseases are catastrophic and they do effect the family. We try to provide support in whatever manner is needed."

Hope Circle provides these services free to anyone in the area, regardless of where they live or where they are being treated.

"Anyone is welcome to come to the Hope Circle Resource Center. We have people come from all over Northeast Arkansas, Missouri and sometimes from Mississippi."

This sale will continue through Friday, December 2nd.

All proceeds will go to items for patients and their families.

For more information about Hope Circle, you can log onto this website.

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